UGC Scripts Guide

UGC Scripts is a powerful tool for creating top-tier video scripts. And like any tool, it produces the most amazing results when used correctly, so we've created an introductory guide to creating high-quality scripts consistently with UGC Scripts. This guide will focus on how to think about the best input for the script generator. Play around and see what works best for you. We'd love to hear your feedback!

Content Styles: These are out-of-the-box, so feel free to try them all out and see which ones work best for you! If you're producing more than 5 scripts with the same inputs, we recommend changing the content style for increased variation. This is a required field.

Brand: Simply add the brand name. This is a required field.

Product: Add the specific product the video is about. You can have the same input for both Brand and Product if they’re the same. The Product can also be as specific or general as you’d like, e.g., for Nike, you could put Air Jordan Retro 1s, Jordan’s or Sneakers depending on what you’re looking to highlight.

Benefits: Be specific and concise with what makes the brand or product special! A few words or a brief sentence produces the best results.

For example, you could put:

  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Sustainable


  • Unique, hand-crafted design
  • A tree planted for every purchase
  • Over 50,000 positive reviews

Additional Detail: This is a powerful open text field that allows you to provide any additional context to help fully frame and customize the script to your vision. This is an entirely option field; you can also get high-quality results when empty. Here are some examples of how to best leverage the field:

Event: The Product is a gift for Valentine’s Day. Position the script as me being excited to gift the Product to my partner.

Emphasis: Focus on the Delicious Value prop and how the chocolate is the perfect treat for me or anyone in my family

Omit: Don’t focus too heavily on the reviews — one sentence max.

Feeling: Focus on how amazing it makes me feel that I can get this Product that will have such a profound positive impact on my family and me.

Description: The app allows you to combine meals from dozens of the best restaurants

You can use any one of the above, a combination of multiple, or something else entirely.

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